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The Subverso-fiddle

   "In April 1944 steel guitars, banjos, and ukuleles were outlawed, another stroke against baneful foreign influences."

--"The Pacific War 1931-1945" by Saburo Ienaga (Pantheon Books, English translation 1978) regarding Japan's expansionist activities.

   We live in a world that has never been more ripe for artistic and political change.  I offer you the catalysts for such a revolution; the simple homemade instrument and the one man band. There have always been a few musical weirdoes and geniuses skirting  society. Some of these geniuses, such as Spike Jones, are passed off as mere novelty acts while others (e.g. Harry Partch, or Leon Theremin) remain simply obscure foot notes in musical history, known only by a handful of music fans and historians.  The Library of Congress website is full of pictures of  nameless renegades-guys with bass drums strapped to their backs, folks who manage 3 or 4 wind instruments while playing the organ, and cats strumming a guitar, wailing on a harmonica while stomping on a bass drum. Ask just about anyone you know and they'll be able to relate a story about 'some guy' at a fair, festival or on the street  that "...played a bunch of instruments at once and sounded like a full band!"  They have always been here but, with the pressure in the political and commercial music world,  the heat of the stove has been turned up so high that kernel that is the HMI/OMB revolution is about to pop! It  is howling at your doorstep like a big fat unwanted bastard child. 
   If you think that this is just the ranting of a crazy person, consider the history of music!  The drum was outlawed in many areas before the Jim Crow laws of 1875. Next came The Nazis and their hatred of Jazz musicians and their instruments (LINK).  Let's not forget what the parents of the 1950's feared the electric guitar would do to their children, the youth of the United States and the world. If you don't think that musical innovation has political repercussions, look at how the landscape of our world culture has changed since people started using turn-tables as instruments.  Get a cigar box! Get a plan!

Viva La Revolution! Su resistencia es sin valor!

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